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iDailyDiary 3.85
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File Size: 4.4 Mb

iDailyDiary 3.85

Publisher:Splinterware Softwar e Solutions
Language:English, ChineseSimplified, ChineseTraditional, Danish, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

iDailyDiary - iDailyDiary has been designed around a simple page-for-a-day diary. Your diary can contain a mixture of pictures and formated text. Image files of various types are supported including Bitmap, JPeg, Icons and even animated GIF's. You are not limited to just one page per day. Feel free to add new page tabs and rename them to whatever you wish to help get your life organised. In addition to the calendar on the top toolbar you have a month view calendar bar at the bottom of your diary. This calendar bar not only allows you to view and select any day of the current month but also highlights which days of the month you have made entries in your diary. Features include: Create and open as many diaries as you wish, Diary files fully encrypted and password protected, Search entire diary for matching entries, Insert 'hot' clickable links and URL's and links to other diary pages, Save diary pages to HTML format to publish to the internet. Supports themes and has an excellent search facility.

List of Changes:

Version 3.41 from 2005-07-15


Keep a personal or business diary, journal.

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File Size: 4.4 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Criss 2011-04-07 03:07:09 #
Version: 3.61

Dear Sir,
I am using this diary and it is good. If need, I will download a good diary.


Giuseppe Sesana 2011-03-29 02:52:13 #
Version: 3.61


Thank you very much for your service! It's really helpful for my daily activity! I appreciate it very much.

Mark Raumer 2010-12-27 23:48:56 #
Version: 3.61

The iDaily Diary is just what I was looking for in an electronic Diary it is a simple transportable program that I can use to keep track of my daily activities that bsits in the background and can be called forward with a mous click. I would like to be able to print out a month of entries in one action instead of having to print out each day separately.

Busgrowl 2010-11-29 11:15:59 #
Version: 3.61

I had been using ReminderFox for some time - but recently it seemed to have 'disappeared' from my computer - and I couldnt locate it on the Firefox add-ons.
I searched for something similar and came across your iDailyDiary - I downloaded it,and input some dates in to it.
I thought the screen was a bit messy, and impossible to read specific items in the diary without clicking on each... Later, although Task Manager said that iDailyDiary was running - there was no trace of it on my screen !
I therefore reloaded ReminderFox and shall be using it in future, and will delete the iDailyDiary software from my computer as it did not suit me. Hopefully others will like and use it.
Thank You
G Rowland

J Avanderheide 2010-09-06 06:10:44 #
Version: 3.61

I use iDailyDiary on Windows basis, but I would like to use it on Mac based computer too. Is a mac version available?
best regards

Anthonia1 2010-08-03 00:01:17 #
Version: 3.61

Thank you so much! It is fantastic! Finally I have the "right support" to start a diary!
Kindest regards,

Mdmarco 2010-07-06 15:38:15 #
Version: 3.61

I backed up my idiarydiary on a cd...I cannot restore it to idiaridiary...I have tried everything. I would like to use it . It worked fine until I upgraded to windows 7. Please help. Thank you.

Ghinz7 2010-06-28 04:39:20 #
Version: 3.61

Yes, I've tried the product and it is awesome. It helps me a lot in capturing my thoughts. It is very simple and innovative. Keep up the good work!

Anu 11 2010-02-01 19:19:23 #
Version: 3.61

This is a very good programme and I love it. It is awesome because it locks itself and it asks for your password everytime you open it, which is good so that no one can access it without the password. :D

Davo46 2009-09-29 06:24:01 #
Version: 3.41

I have four computers around me home all of which have iDaily Diary in their hearts.
As a musician, I have lots of different things happening, most of which I regard as important, therefor,iDaily Diary is a vital component in my setup.
It is easy to load;easy to update and easy to search.
I may need to check the dates of the 2006 Bluegrass Festival, or what day I need to leave for the National Folk Festival, Canberra, 2010.
I can use it so, it must be easy!I would not be without it!

Sysadmin 2009-09-08 03:40:36 #
Version: 3.41

It is a very good diary which I have tried till. Very simple & easy to operate, especially page link facility.
Thanks a lot

Jaig3 2009-08-29 00:14:15 #
Version: 3.41

good work ...glad if you could include accounts and daily finance transaction coloumn in i dairy page (excell?) thankyou

Leehanken 2009-07-15 08:26:55 #
Version: 3.41

Its great, is there a version that runs on the Mac?

David Leitch 2009-07-07 08:49:45 #
Version: 3.41

It's a great little device. Simplicity is a great thing

Gibboandpip 2009-07-07 03:19:54 #
Version: 3.41

I would like to know if I can use iDailyDiary on my digital portfolio that I share on the intranet at work. This is so I can use it and others may also view it from their work desk. Any info on how I can do this would be great. Needs to be HTML file.

Hanselv 2009-05-27 03:08:04 #
Version: 3.41


I needed a simple diary program and downloaded iDailyDiary a couple of days ago. One can often tell immediatly at first sight whether you're gonna use a program or not. This is a good example of a program that just feels right immediatly. It does exactly what I need and have a simple, nice and intuitive GUI. Good stuff!


Loriannh 2009-05-10 19:01:06 #
Version: 3.41

This was exactly what I was looking for! It's very easy to use, and has a lot of great features. I really wish that I had found it sooner!
I already have two separate "diaries" set up. One for journaling and one for book reviews and such since I read a lot.
Thank you!

Scott.Bell 2009-03-05 14:30:26 #
Version: 3.41

I love iDailyDiary!!!!

iDailyDiary is great.
iDailyDiary does exactly what I want out of a diary software and that's just the free version!!!!
Fantastic product, can't wait to purchase the Professional version and get the extra features.
The easy to use tabbed pages and the ability to add and rename pages per day, flick through dates and just use the software on a laptop like a paper diary - perfect.
Added peace of mind with encrypted data and password protection.
Looking forward to the Professional features like spell checking,

I love iDailyDiary.

Thank you, sincerely.

Pckid97 2009-02-20 08:22:29 #
Version: 3.41


This software is the best free journal software EVER!!! and it works on Linux (requires winexq)

Bill.Leagan 2009-02-03 17:33:24 #
Version: 3.41


It works very well. I used it a lot 3+/- years ago but somehow lost the program. Still had the data and the new program works with just fine. A "search" feature would be nice, and spell check. Otherwise, it's perfect.

Bill Leagan

Stevenheaney 2009-01-06 05:43:12 #
Version: 3.41

Use of daily diary

It is my first time using such a program for diary keeping. I feel the simple layout and features of this product to be adequate for what I need, which is just a daily record of my whereabouts, business calls and dealings.

Gautamraghav 2008-10-05 22:51:02 #
Version: 3.41

Great Software

I was amazed to see such a good freeware that turned out to be just a tailormade product for me .......... Awesome is the word for this ..... Cool Features ........

Cresmer 2008-09-09 22:56:44 #
Version: 3.41

iDiaryDiary feedback

This Freeware product is very good.

Bedeboop 2008-08-15 00:51:25 #
Version: 3.41

Great product...

I love it!! I love being able to add the pictures which will enhance any entries I make! Thanks!

Lilian 2006-05-16 05:45:57 #
Version: 3.41

IDailyDiary using impression

IDailyDiary 3.20 software by Splinterware is a freeware multifunctional program. From the first step of installation it seems to explain you every thing, every detail about itself. An ordinary word editor with its common items - such as cut, copy, undo, redo, selecting of fonts, different types of alignment, creating of different lists, line spacing, text colour, text background colour and page background colour - was taken as a basis of the program. It makes it very simple and unchallenged to use. You can find functions that are common for other diary software. For example inserting of pictures, images, hyperlinks, autocorrecting of spelling. The program gives you an opportunity to navigate easily inside your notes using menu functions: open diary, new diary, new page, export, search, print. Help-menu consists of two parts. The first part which is in menu-line is able to connect a user with online Splinterware homepage or to give online technical support. The second part which is a button below contains much more detailed information about how to use the program more effectively and comfortably. It informs of many, many functions of IDailyDiary. There are such among them that make the program unordinary one. For example you can create your own database for searching necessary words in help-menu. The wizard makes it easy and clear. Also you can select arrangement of help-menu and even change its font. The help-menu has frequently asked questions part as well. It gives the most detailed information about such items as how to save, to print, to export, etc. diaries. Thanks to it every person, even who can't work with text editors, will understand how to use this program. Also you can take advantage of such function as creation of sticky tabs. They are windows with your notes (todo lists, addresses) without dates which situated above all the rest notes and diaries. The program has a great variety of languages, even not western (Chinese, Japanese). Some points of menu are written in Russian, but the explanation is in English. That could be a kind of challenge for Russian-speaking users.

In a whole, the creators of the program tried to invent multi-purpose and multifunctional diary software which can be appreciated by interested-in people.

Download Now
File Size: 4.4 Mb